Out of the Rat-Race – Part 1

Sean stood there looking at her for a very long time. The camper looked like it had seen its better days, but there was something about it that wouldn’t let him walk away from it. There was some kind of connection there. If he bought her, she would be his. A place to call his own.  A little piece of his own property in this world where it seems we are becoming less and less free.

The 5th wheel’s once white exterior was now weathered and worn, much like Sean’s. Years of neglect and quietly riding out all of the storms life threw at them had made them look a lot older than they were. Sean was in his late thirties, but because of his grey hair and wrinkles around his eyes, he appeared much older.

“So, what’s your bottom dollar on the old girl?”, Sean asked Mr. Lumpkins.

“Well, I know she’s gonna need a lot of work and tlc to get her back on her feet and on the roads again. I don’t know, there is just something about you that I really like. You kind of remind me of me when I was your age, always up for a good challeng. I guess I could let you have her for a thousand bucks.”, said Mr. Lumpkins.

“I’ll take her!” Sean said.

As he wrote out the check to Mr. Lumkins, all he could think about was the great adventures they were going to have together. He was going to take great care of her. He was going to use a gentle touch and get her road-ready so they could share many adventures together. They were going to escape the rat-race and they were going to see America together.

Sean was quickly brought back to the present moment with the fact that the tires were not in any shape to move the camper anywhere.

Mr. Lumpkins was aware of this fact too, and told Sean there was no hurry for him to move the camper. He could work on her as long as he needed to where she set without having to pay any kind of storage fee. He even had power and water hook-ups available.